Nicholas Kahrilas

Entrepreneur &

Community Leader

Nicholas Kahrilas is the President of Platinum Legacy, a Los Angeles-based real estate finance firm. He has accumulated decades of experience in both finance and real estate and possesses an impressive network of both local and national business connections. His years as a businessman have made him a staple in the Los Angeles community, as have his ties to various charitable organizations. 

After graduating from UCLA, Nicholas opened a paint supply store. Over the course of a few years, he grew his brand into a whole chain of stores, Painters Warehouse Stores, and became the predominant supplier of paint to the entertainment industry. As the entertainment industry began to change and was offered free supplies by other companies, Nicholas sold his stores to the Pittsburgh Paint Company. Around this time, he realized that there was an arbitrage for secondary life insurance policies and that he had found a niche in the market. 

Shortly after selling Painter’s Warehouse Stores, Nicholas Kahrilas founded a finance company and was able to raise tens of millions of dollars on Wall Street. He became one of the first in the insurance industry, along with Warren Buffet, to help create the secondary market for life insurance policies. Over the next five years, Nicholas grew his firm into a booming success, writing billions of dollars of life insurance and over one hundred million policies. 

However, after the market crash in 2008, the industry changed, and Nicholas decided it was time for a change. He had always been interested and involved in real estate, and his time in insurance had garnered him a myriad of connections in the real estate industry. Nicholas Kahrilas had even brokered the largest first trust deed loan on a residential property in Beverly Hills, California. The loan was for $40 million on the world-famous Beverly House, a staple of Los Angeles culture, used in iconic films such as The Godfather and Bodyguard—President John F. Kennedy even honeymooned there. 

Realizing his network of connections was strong enough to support his own foray into the industry, Nicholas soon started Platinum Legacy, a direct portfolio lender. The company offers the most flexible and competitively priced opportunities, specializing in short term bridge loans secured by first and second trust deeds. Nicholas Kahrilas and Platinum Legacy pride themselves on their commitment to being one of the most efficient, meticulous, and flexible lenders in the industry. 

Outside of work, Nicholas is an avid paddle tennis player who has competed in a national tournament. He is also an active member of his community and was the former President of the Beverly Hills Chapter of YPO. Nicholas is also working towards becoming more involved in the community of those afflicted by William’s Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental genetic disorder, as his youngest son was diagnosed with the disorder as a child. 

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