Entrepreneurs face many struggles, one of the most consistent being time management. No matter how great you are at this, there is usually room for improvement.

You need to fill your day with productive hours. You need to be well-rested to keep your mind sharp. You need to somehow have a life outside of work.

Along with all of these needs, you must also set realistic goals for what you can get done. For example, when you have an upcoming project, it’s essential to know, realistically, how many hours it will take to complete, and how you can fit that in your day.

If you don’t schedule enough time, you’ll be desperately cutting time from other areas to make it work. If you over-schedule, you’ll lose time you could have spent on another project.

Let alone how financing your work plans into these decisions.

With all of that in mind, what can be done to improve the state of time management for entrepreneurs?

As with most areas involving productivity in today’s world, you can use tools to improve your time management skills. A simple web search will show tools for saving, tracking, and scheduling your time. Let’s look at how you can make your days run smoother with a few simple tools.

Track Your Time

How much time are you wasting? Most studies show that we lose a couple of hours every day, many of us without even realizing it. It’s easy to do. It happens when we open a tab to research something and end up chasing more ideas that we didn’t intend to. It happens when we load social media. It occurs when a work call drags on for longer than expected.

Our perception of how much time is spent on tasks isn’t necessarily trustworthy. We may think we waste a lot of time on something where it wasn’t a problem, and sometimes we spend far longer than we think on something simple.

The solution? Tools that track your time. There are a few suggestions for this. To find out what works best for you, look at Toggl and Time Doctor. These tools allow you to tag tasks and take as much advantage of their tracking tools as you feel comfortable using.

Tip: Time Doctor is the best if you want to track your team’s time.


Keep track of what you need to do! Don’t underestimate this as one of the best types of time management tools you should be taking advantage of. It’s easy to waste time reminding ourselves of things. If you add it to your list, you’ll free up mental space for the tasks you’re working on.

For the best list apps, try Todoist and Remember the Milk.

Project Management

Are you managing projects? Do you need to see tasks, put them on calendars, and share this information with a team? There are many excellent project management tools today that make it easy to share files and keep everything organized. They not only save you time in communicating and sharing project details, but they communicate timelines and keep your schedule organized.

For the best project management tools, try Asana or ClickUp.